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Thursday March 1st, 2012


Meet up in the dedicated scooter parking area behind The Plaza. This is where the scooters will be parked all weekend long. We will take a quick ride down the strip stopping at the Southern Vegas sign and then loop around and back up for food and drinks.

9:30PM-Midnight – SWINGERS CLUB

Ride back to the Plaza to hang out in the Plaza’s new1960s style lounge, The Swinger Club.  This is a great location for an evening of drinks and music.  DJ’s will be spinning mod and Brit pop.  Close to the hotel rooms, close to the gamble, can’t go wrong. Let’s see if we can get people dancing on a Thursday night. 


Friday March 2nd, 2012


Take a ride on the eastside of Vegas.  See some of the historic locations and places from Vegas’ golden days.  Stop for a few cocktails at some classic Sin City gin joints and end up at a restaurant for a late lunch.  From there head back to the Plaza for the rally registration.


Come outside to Plaza Parking Lot to pick up your rally packs and swag. Listen to some tunes, peruse numerous vendors, and talk with old friends. $25 Rally packs. BRACELETS WILL NOT BE SOLD FRIDAY OR SATURDAY NIGHT, SO GET THEM NOW!!!


The Downtown Vegas commerce association puts on a street fair of arts and music.  Blocking off East Fremont: artist, food trucks and musicians take over to sell their wares and perform.  If nothing else it is worth walking through to see the spectacle that ensues.  For more information –


The downtown has a new venue call Club Azul, a better version of the Beauty Bar because we can ride the scooters into the courtyard.  With both an inside and out side area, this will be an evening of excellent DJs and we have as our special guests to perform their brand of Traditional Skinhead Reggae - The Revivers from Los Angels. Club Azul is located at 115 7th St, ½ block off Fremont. BRACELETS REQUIRED and WILL NOT BE SOLD FRIDAY NIGHT DUE TO VEGAS TAX LAWS, SO GET THEM BEFOREHAND.  RALLY BAGS CAN BE PICKED UP, BUT WE MUST BE NOTIFIED IN ADANCE.


Saturday March 3rd, 2012


Shine and show your scooter, meet others, and get to watch the judging for this year's scooter awards and National Build-off Competition. This event will be held in the Golden Gate parking lot. Vendors will have their wares for sale, and get your official rally gear and raffle tickets. BRACELETS WILL NOT BE SOLD SATURDAY NIGHT, SO GET THEM NOW!!!


We ride South to visit the Vegas Distillery (  For so many years you have been drinking it, now it is time to understand how “spirits” are made.  Tour the new Las Vegas Distillery and maybe sample their offerings.  From there, we head to Old Henderson for lunch and a little ride relaxation. There will be a group ride back to Plaza.


There are many dining option in the downtown area, here are some recommendations. 


Once again the Plaza Hotel is letting us use their old style Rat Pack Copa Room that has tiered levels and booths overlooking the dance floor/stage. This room is old school is hard to turn it down! Although we cannot get in to this room until 10pm, if you saw pictures, you know it will be well worth it. The evening’s entertainment will be solid soul. Up and coming artist Jeff Hershey and the Heartbeats will be laying down some smooth music for our dancing pleasures. Also DJs with weekly/monthly nights from US/UK will bring their regional sounds to the dance floor all night long. If you missed the rally or this room last year, you missed something amazing. YOU MUST HAVE RALLY PACK WRIST BAND – THEY WILL NOT SOLD AT THE DOOR. The Copa Room is located in the Plaza Casino.


Sunday March 4th, 2012

12 NOON-3PM – Somberlin Ride

This ride through the scenic north west side of town stopping at some unique brewers and eateries.  Try a little of this and some of that at each stop.


Scoot or walk down straight down Main Street to the Art Factory Bar.  Time for scooter games, awards, and raffle.

 9PM – Diner Plans

If Vegas hasn't done you in yet, we plan to go to dinner at Main Street Station’s 777 Brew Pub.