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Scooter Build Off


This year's build off is for the best builders. Builders can join the contest as early as October 29th, 2010 and must be completed by February 26th, 2011. Only four months to build a gem, and there's only one category and one award - Best of the Best, unlimited.

Whether you choose to do a perfect restoration or a crazy customization, Lambretta, Vespa, or odd scooter, the judges will decide which scooter wins the prize money. This year the winner can choose $250 cash OR $200 plus a $300 gift certificate from Scooters Mercato.

Rules: You must be less than 50% done when joining the contest, register at where you must upload photos of what you're starting with. Use a newspaper to date the project. Pretty simple. Hosted by and Bar Italia, and sponsored by Scooter Mercato.

Good luck!